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The waiting list is already live


£ 30
(1:2:1 private/dog/walk)
£ 22
(group walk/dog/walk)

A walk is 1 hour long.
(the service includes pick-up and drop-off)

Would you like to have your dog in good care during a walk? Do you have a busy schedule and would like to give enough exercise for your dog?

Dog walking is between Monday - Friday.

Pick-up starts at 7.30 am, and the last dog pick-up time is 5.00 pm

We are taking your dog to have fun and have a great time exploring (stimulation) during an hour walk. We take your dog to a park/a forest or any green place to exercise.

If your dog is older or has less energy, we can provide a nice, calm walking exercise instead of an active playing time.

We let your dog meet with other dogs and have fun together, which also helps with their socialisation, but if you prefer to be walked alone, we will do it.

We offer group walking to our clients if it's more dogs asked to book for a similar time.

Please let us know if you wouldn't like to walk your dog in a group.

(If your dog is anxious/scared of other dogs, we can't offer dog group walking, only 1:2:1 private walking)​

A group walk is up to maximum 3 dogs.

If required, we can make photos/videos for you during the walk and send them to you via text or WhatsApp.

We cover the following areas:

Wembley, Harrow, Ealing (and all of the including parts in these areas)

Before we start to walk your dog, we arrange a quick 15 minutes meeting session with a dog walker to check your dog's behaviour with the walker. 

This meeting should be in a neutral place, for example in a closer park/green area...etc. instead of your home because some dogs behave differently at home rather than outside.

It's important to know how your dog reacts to sudden movements (bicycle, joggers or animals...etc.), please let us know. We should know if your dog is anxious/scared of other dogs, but NOT aggressive. Please, DO NOT book aggressive dogs for a walk; check our rehabilitation training if you would like to help your dog's issue.

Our training clients get a 20% discount from their total price for walking.

If you book more dogs for the walk, you get a 30% discount for 2 dogs or more (same household).

If we notice your dog needs any training, we offer you help, and if you wish to go ahead, you get a 10% discount on the obedience or rehabilitation training price.

Coming soon

Drop an email to put your dog on the waiting list

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