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Terms and Conditions

Victoria Dog Obedience Training Terms & Conditions

Regarding our 1:2:1 private trainings and group classes.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, and any changes will take immediate effect. It is the responsibility of clients to read and keep updated with the latest terms and conditions.


Dog walking:

Bookings for walking sessions will be confirmed via WhatsApp, text or email. 

After your registration, you get an invoice with the first walking session price (reservation booking fee), and once this payment is done, you get your confirmation for a free 15 minutes meeting with the dog walker. (this meeting needs to be outside in a neutral place because some dogs are behaving differently at home rather at the outside)

This is our protection because of last-minute cancellations, and this fee won't be refunded if you cancel your walking sessions with us/ ignore our inquiry.

If your dog is fine with the walker, we can proceed with the rest of your walking session booking process. Your reservation fee will be deducted from your bill, but if your dog is not suitable for the dog walking sessions, you will get back to your refund.

You need to send us via email by the 25th of each month your next month booking walking sessions. Then our walker confirms those times, and you get your bill as soon as you make and payment needs to be done by the due date on the invoice.

The payment for the rest of your walking sessions must be paid by the due date on the invoice. If your payment is not arriving by the due date, I will cancel your walking session request, and the initial booking fee won't be refunded.

2 instalments of payment are accepted - that's not including the reservation booking fee payment (if it's more than 6 walking sessions booked for the month) - due dates will be on your invoice.

No session by session / weekly payments. 

I can no longer take cash/cheques as payment, only bank transfers.

If you pay less price instead of what you have on your invoice (make your own decision), I will cancel your dog walking request straight away.

Your information and details will be held and used only under the Data Protection Act 2019.

Session cancellation by you:

If you need to cancel your dog walking session, please let us know 48 hours before - we can deduct that session(s) price from your next bill, or you can get a refund; if you cancel on a walking day, you will be charged for that day still.

Session cancellation by us:

If we need to cancel your training, we will inform you 48 hours before we cannot attend the walk. It is infrequent, but if we need to cancel your appointment on a booked day because of a real emergency or sickness - in this case, we can deduct that session(s) price from your next bill, or you can get a refund.

Safety and training method:

We have zero tolerance for abusive behaviour towards the dog walker. We are here to help you. If you or your family member has abusive behaviour, the walker will stop taking your dog, leave the place, and cancel the rest of the walking sessions immediately.

We take responsibility for your dog during the walking.

Puppies need not be fully vaccinated for the walking sessions.

A collar with an ID tag must be on the dog, and please give your harness  - if you have one and generally use it (we use our professional leashes during the walking).

If your dog has aggressive towards people or other dogs, unfortunately, we can't book in for dog walking; book 1:2:1 dog rehabilitation training to help with this issue first.

We use science-based methods and principles of positive reinforcement to treat dogs in our company.

Harsh handling of dogs, physical force, and punishment corrections are unacceptable for us. We do not agree to use prong collars, choke chains, e-collars...etc.

If you want us to use anything that causes your dog pain or discomfort, we cancel your walking request immediately.

Refund Policy:

We won't refund the next walking session price if you cancel your whole dog walking session within 7 days before the next booked appointment.

£35 administration fee will also be kept from the whole training anytime cancellation.

Contents on the website:

The original content (excluding Content provided by you or other users), features and functionality are and will remain the exclusive property of Victoria Dog Obedience Training.

Our contents may not be used in connection with any product, service or social media marketing without the prior written consent of our company.

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