How to keep your dog safe and calm during fireworks?

Lots of dogs are anxious during fireworks; the following symptoms are not new for dog owners who has a dog with firework reactive behaviour or fear:

  • howling

  • barking

  • panting

  • hiding themselves

  • escaping

How can you help your dog?

  1. Check and update (if needed) your dog's microchip and collar details - if your dog will escape, can be with you quicker if the details are updated

  2. Don't leave your dog outside

  3. Try to do the last walk before dusk

  4. Feed your dog before the fireworks and fill-up the water bowl (if the dog is panting because of anxiety, they need to drink)

  5. Shut all doors and windows

  6. Turn TV (or radio) on to mask the fireworks sound

  7. Create a safe place for your dog (for example, put a blanket on the crate or on the table to big enough to cover all, so your dog can go there to hide if it's necessary

If you have tried everything before, you could ask your vet about anxiety recommendations. The most effective products are Zylkene, Pet remedy, Adaptil, Yucalm, etc. (effectiveness depends on the dog, not every product can be effective for all dogs, might you need to try a few).

If you wish to do some training for your dog, we desensitize the dogs to help them be calm and happy during our training.