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£ 1050

Each training session has a duration of 1 hour.

Does your dog have anxious behaviour outside - refusing to walk, crying…etc / reactive/aggressive behaviour towards people/dogs?

Would you like to solve this issue but can’t constantly attend every training session because of your busy schedule?

This is the ideal package for you and your dog!

This training type could be more effective than the 1:2:1 private training because I need to focus only on your dog.

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully if you wish to do the training with me.

What is included?

  • 1 session consultation with me about the dog background and demonstration – on the 1st day

  • 8 sessions dog rehabilitation (variable days)– I take your dog and does 1-hour dog rehabilitation session (use positive reinforcement, desensitization & counterconditioning) and bring it back to you

  • 1 handover session – on the last day (10th day)

While it is important to acknowledge that not all behavioral issues can be resolved within a span of 10 hours, dedicating this time to training can provide a solid foundation for your dog to begin learning how to manage their negative emotions and enable you to consistently apply the techniques taught throughout the training process. Continuity and practice beyond the 10 hours will help reinforce positive behaviors and address any remaining hurdles.

I am able to accept veterinary referrals for behavior issues. If you have pet insurance, there is a possibility that your insurer may cover the costs of necessary behavior consultation and training. I advise you to contact your specific insurer to confirm their coverage policies. I claimed already with PetPlan, Many Pets & Napo. It is important to note that in all cases, your vet must provide the referral.

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