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Terms and Conditions

Victoria Dog Obedience Training Terms & Conditions

Regarding our 1:2:1 private trainings and group classes.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, and any changes will take immediate effect. It is the responsibility of clients to read and keep updated with the latest terms and conditions.


1:2:1 private training:

Bookings for individual sessions will be confirmed via WhatsApp, text or email. Please note that the waiting list is approx. a week (it could be longer occasionally, depending on the season and the assigned trainer's availability), and usually, we can't give an appointment sooner (if we can, it will be offered).

After your registration, you get an invoice with the first session price (reservation booking fee), and as soon as this payment is done, you get your first/start appointment for the training.

This is our protection because of last-minute cancellations, and this fee won't be refunded if you cancel your training with us/ ignore our inquiry. (this includes if you didn't read the T's & C's carefully and changed your mind after we booked you in already).

As soon as the start date of the training is confirmed, you get the invoice for the rest of the training.

Before attending the FIRST training session, the rest of your training payment must be paid in advance by the invoice's due date. (please note that it could be only 1-2 days later than you paid your reservation of booking fee, so check the due dates carefully; there is no option to pay by instalments)

If your payment is not arriving by the due date, I will cancel your training request, and the initial booking fee (reservation of date fee) won't be refunded.

No session-by-session / weekly payments. 

No option to book one session (consultation training types are exceptions because those are only one session) or pay only for the first session and "will see" the reason is that we are not providing one-session training (excluding consultations) because that can't be effective, and no one can't get a conclusion only after 1 session on how the dog will respond to the training. Some puppies or adult dogs (especially in rehabilitation) could be anxious to meet with a stranger for the first time, and they might won't be too cooperative, which could give a false picture to non-professional people. We also have a cancellation fee (under the refund section) and need coverage to deduct that.

I can no longer take cash/cheques as payment, only bank transfers.

If you pay less than what you have on your invoice (make your own decision), I will cancel your training request immediately.

Your information and details will be held and used only under the Data Protection Act 2019.

Please note you need to pay any penalty that the trainer got after parking at a place you said it's allowed to park there for free. 
If you refuse to pay the penalty or disappear, we make a court claim, and you will need to pay the penalty fee plus the court claim fees, too.

Refund Policy:

Email us if you believe you are entitled to a refund. You need to email us within 7 days after your last session.

We cannot do a refund if the dog responds to the trainers (or if the dog doesn't respond because you didn't practice between the sessions) but does not respond to the owners. If we can do something with your dog, that means your dog can do it.

We show the methods of how you need to handle your dog and are not able to give a refund if you can't (or wouldn't like) put it into your lifestyle and do not follow our instructions.

There is no change without commitment, and there is no change without consistency.

We will not be held responsible for misinterpreting advice regarding your dog - our trainers check your handling before leaving you alone after the session.

You can cancel your training anytime.

We won't refund the next session price if you cancel your whole training within 5 days before the next booked appointment.

£35 administration fee will also be kept from the whole training anytime cancellation.

We keep a £110 cancellation fee if you are unsatisfied but do not tell us straight on the same day or a day after your first session.

No refund, and we cancel your training if you don't respond to our texts or emails during your training for more than a week - about the next appointment confirmation, check-up..etc. -  (instead of if you already informed us before, you won't be able to do it).

Session cancellation by you:

If you need to cancel your training, please let us know 48 hours before you are not able to attend the training, if it's no show/no call (for example, you forgot it) on the training day or if you cancel in 24 hours (exception: real emergency, sickness or bad weather), we offer to pick up your dog if anyone can give it to us and do training by ourselves, or if that is not an option, we reschedule your appointment, but you will be charged for that missed session still.

Please note that we are waiting for max. 10 minutes at the agreed training place, but if you don't let us know you are late, we leave after that time (and won't accept any complaints in this case, and you will still be charged for that session). If you are more than 10 minutes late but have already let us know, we will be waiting for you, but we can't add that much extra time for the training as we mostly have other clients scheduled after you/we already have plans/appointments in our private life.

Please do not cancel your training twice (or more) in a row at the last minute (in 24 hours each time - exception: bad weather, real emergency; someone will rarely be sick every week before the training) because we can't book someone else at the last minute in your place and that ruins our whole day. If this happens (cancellation twice in a row), we charge £35; if you cancel the third time, we cancel your whole training, and a refund won't be returned.

Session cancellation by us:

If we need to cancel your training, we will inform you 48 hours before we cannot attend the training. It is infrequent, but if we need to cancel your appointment on a booked day because of a real emergency, sickness, traffic issues or bad weather - in this case, we reschedule your appointment, and you won't be charged for the missed session.

Safety and training method:

We have zero tolerance for abusive behaviour towards trainers. We are here to help you. If you or your family member has abusive behaviour, the trainer will stop the training, leave the place, and cancel the rest immediately and the refund won't be returned.

Puppies (under 12 weeks) need not be fully vaccinated for the 1:2:1 private training because the 1st/2nd training will be home training.

We take responsibility for your dog during the training, but we cannot take responsibility for your dog's behaviour outside the training.

We can't take responsibility for your dog during the training if you refuse to do what we ask you to do it.

Dogs must be leashed during the training and can be off-leashed only when the trainer says.

A collar with an ID tag must be on the dog, and bring your harness  - if you have one and generally use it (we use our professional leashes during the training).

If your dog is assessed dangerous for the trainer's physical integrity, we ask you to muzzle your dog.

We use science-based methods and principles of positive reinforcement training.

Harsh handling of dogs, physical force, and punishment corrections are unacceptable. We do not agree to use prong collars, choke chains, e-collars...etc.

If you want us to use anything that causes your dog pain or discomfort (or if you use it between the sessions and we will find out), we will cancel your training immediately.

Group classes:

If your dog has aggressive towards people or other dogs or has anxious behaviour around dogs, please do not book the Obedience Group Classes, book a 1:2:1 dog rehabilitation training to help with this behaviour or book only if it's a special dog group class tailored for anxious or aggressive dogs. Contact me if you are unsure which class suits your dog. If you do not contact me (or give me false information about your dog) before the group class and your dog is unsuitable for the class, I will not be refunded the class's price.

Please note that you must pay for your group class space after registration. (the due date will be on your invoice). I will cancel your group class training request if your payment is not arriving by the due date.

I am unable to do partial refunds for missed classes. No refund if you cancel your group class space less than 7 days before the class. If you cancel your class a week before or more, you get a 50% refund.

If the group class needs to be cancelled for any reason (it might be the low number of dogs - minimum 3 dogs we need to attend each class), you will get a 100% refund.

Puppies must complete their vaccination course (min. 2 vaccinations) to attend the group class.

Always clean up after your dog!

Do not bring bitches that are in season!

Do not let your dog off lead in the training, only if I’ll ask you to do it!

Bring a collar/harness with your dog and no retractable lead; normal short lead is required.

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Our contents may not be used in connection with any product, service or social media marketing without the prior written consent of our company.

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