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  • How long is a session and how many times shall I meet with the trainer?
    1 hour long,​ and I recommend meeting with the trainer once a week or maximum twice because you need time to practice with your dog between the sessions.
  • Shall I feed my dog before the training?
    To have better motivation during the training, we recommend to do not feeding your dog before 2-3 hours of the training. Besides the motivation, walking your dog straight after a meal can cause your dog to bloat, or even lead to gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV)
  • How long is the waiting list?
    Our waiting list is approx. a week long. (it could be longer occasionally, depending on the season and the assigned trainer's availability). We try our best to give an earlier appointment, but we can't guarantee it. We can't start training on the next day.
  • How can I book sessions?​
    Please fill up the registration form under the "REGISTRATION" menu or press the "BOOK NOW" button. Once that is done, one of us will contact you ASAP.​
  • How many sessions do I need to book?
    You can find the recommended session numbers under each training type's details. If you are not sure about your session number, please contact us. We are not providing one-session training (excluding consultations) because that can't be effective, and no one can't get a conclusion only after 1 session on how the dog will respond to the training. Some puppies or adult dogs (especially in rehabilitation) could be anxious to meet with a stranger for the first time and might they won't be too cooperative, and that could give a false picture to non-professional people. There is no change without commitment, and there is no change without consistency.
  • Can I pay by cash or weekly / session by session?
    No cash payment, only bank transfer. No session by session / weekly payments. No option to pay only for the first session and "will see", the reason is listed above in the "How many sessions do I need to book". Before attending the FIRST training session, the whole training payment must be paid in advance by the invoice's due date.
  • My puppy is nipping, shall I need to book aggressive behavioural training?​
    Depending on the age and the background, for young puppies up to 12 weeks, it's uncommon the aggressive behaviour. Sometimes the non-experienced or first-time dog owners think their puppy is aggressive because of nipping and growling during the play.​
  • Where will the training be?
    The trainer is going to your home or any closer park to do the training.​
  • When my puppy can start the training?
    The puppy needs to be a minimum of 8 weeks old to start the training - once the puppy arrives at your home, wait approx. a week to give time to your puppy to be settled with you/your family. (You can still enroll for the training during that week and have a consultation session with the trainer about toilet training, the first few nights, and biting/jumping prevention)
  • Is it any discount for the training?​
    Discounts are 10% from the total price if you enroll with 2 dogs (both dogs have issues and need training), and 20% if it's 3 dogs.​ (min. 3 sessions need to be booked)
  • Where will be the first session?
    Mainly the first session is in the client's home, but depending on what we should do with the dog. The trainer will inform you where they want to meet with you for the first session. Puppy training starts in the client's home at 99%. (if the puppy needs only leash training, that's outside training) Dog rehabilitation is always in the client's home first (some of them are only home training - separation anxiety, resource guarding...etc.) because we are doing the background and history assessment consultation during the first session.
  • How can I book my dog in?
    Click on the "Book a Dog walking" button and fill-up the registration form.
  • Can my dog join you on an ad-hoc basis?
    Unfortunately, not. We have limited spaces and we like to keep the walks as consistent as possible. We might can offer a weekly service with additional bookings available if we have space.
  • Where do you walk the dogs?
    Our walked dogs are taken to several parks in our covered areas - King Edward VII park, Barham Park, Fryent Country Park, Harrow Recreation Park, Northwick Park, Horsenden Hill...etc
  • Is it any discount for dog walking?
    Our training clients get a 20% discount from their total price for walking. If you book more dogs for the walk, you get a 30% discount for 2 dogs or more (same household). If we notice your dog needs any training, we offer you help, and if you wish to go ahead, you get a 10% discount on the obedience or rehabilitation training price.
  • How can I pay?
    You got your invoice by email and all of the payment details will be on it.
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