1. Where will be the training?

    • The trainer is going to your home or any closer park to your home.​

  2. How many sessions do I need to book?

    • Depending on what you would like, basic obedience training is generally 5-6 sessions, advanced obedience training is 6-7 sessions. For behavioural training, we recommend 3 sessions for a start. You can always add extra sessions for the training. Please do not book 1-2 sessions for young and older dogs either (unless I recommended and we agreed that your dog needs) Min. 3 sessions I recommend seeing any visible improvement and dogs also need frequently training to get a good result. Some dogs' attention span (especially puppies') is not too long and some of them are shy as well the first time to meet a new person. You can't get a conclusion after only 1 session on how your dog will respond to the training. This is time-wasting for us (and for you and your dog as well), we can help people who think seriously about the training.

  3. How long is a session and how many times shall I meet with the trainer?

    • 1 hour long​ and I recommend meeting with the trainer once a week or maximum twice because you need time to practice with your dog between the sessions.

  4. When my puppy can start the training?

    • The puppy needs to be minimum 8 weeks old to start the training - once the puppy arrives at your home, wait approx. a week to give time to your puppy to be settled with you/your family. (You can still enroll for the training during that week and have a consultation session with the trainer about toilet training, first few nights, biting/jumping prevention)​

  5.  Is it any discount for the training?​

    • Discounts are 10% from the total price if you enroll with 2 dogs (both dogs have issues and need training), 20% if it's 3 dogs.​ (min. 3 sessions need to be booked)

  6. My puppy is nipping, shall I need to book aggressive behavioural training?​

    • Depends on the age and the background, for young puppies up to 12 weeks it's uncommon the aggressive behaviour. Sometimes the non-experienced or first-time dog owners think their puppy is aggressive because of nipping and growling during the play.​

  7. How can I book sessions?​

    • Please fill up the registration form under the "REGISTRATION" menu or press the "BOOK NOW" button. Once that is done, one of us will contact you ASAP.​

  8. Can I pay by cash or weekly / session by session?

    • No cash payment, only bank transfer. 2 instalments of the payment are accepted if it's more than 3 sessions (except active trainings and 7 days rehabilitation), but you can't pay weekly / session by session. Payment must be done (or first instalment) on the due date on the invoice. If the payment isn't done at the due date or the day after our reminder, your training will be cancelled automatically. No option to pay only for the first session and "will see", the reason is listed above under the "How many sessions do I need to book" section.

If you are not sure about something or have questions, please contact us by email.