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Before you have a dog…

Unfortunately, many people make that mistake; they don’t choose the right breed that fits in their life-lifestyle.

If you won’t choose a suitable breed for you can cause lots of behavioural issue in the future because your needs and the dog’s needs won’t be at the same level.

I have many phone calls and emails about dogs behavioural issues, and they are never the dog’s fault. Sometimes is missed communication between dog and owner, but mostly because the owner experience or needs not on the same level as the dog’s needs.

Another mistake that lots of people are doing, they are not patient with the dog. They would like everything right now. Dogs need variable time to learn. (if you are not practising frequently with your dog, improvement won’t be visible)

It would help if you thought about the following things before you buy a dog:

· Dogs are living approx. 15 years +/- 3 years

🟡 It depends on the size, the breed, lifestyle

🟡 Dogs are for the long term, not short term

· Can you afford it?



yearly check-up

equipment (toy, bed, lead..etc.)



· Are you living in the flat or the house?

🟡 some breeds are not suitable in flat because they have too much energy or their size is not ideal for a flat

· How many people living together – do you have a younger child(ren)?

🟡 Most of the breeds are good with children, but we have some breeds that we don’t recommend to live with children because of their temperament. Of course, this depends on how you train your dog, but some are mostly not suitable for children.

· How is your lifestyle? Are you an active or comfy person?

🟡 If you don’t like to go out often or for longer walks, do not choose, for example, a Labrador or Hungarian Vizsla; both breeds are high active breeds. Do not forget a garden is not enough for dogs, so if you have a garden, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to go out with your dog. Dogs need impulses. The dog who is not tired (mentally and physically) can cause headaches for the owners.

· How are your working hours?

🟡 Some breeds are happy to be alone for long, but some of them need more contact with human or more exercise.

· Are you ready for the mess?

🟡 Puppies make a mess. That’s the truth, all of the puppies. They need time to learn the boundaries and toilet training, and it takes more than 2-3 weeks. The first year is the most challenging period when you have a dog, and it will be easier later. Dog training never-ending. It would be best to practice with your dog frequently to make sure it won’t forget the learnt knowledge. Be patient with your dog! Every dog is unique; they need variable time to learn.

· Check the information of the breeds

◼️ if you have breed(s) what you like, check first the following things about it(s):

🟡 temperament, size, daily exercise time, grooming,

🟡 Previous experience needed or not – some breeds are not suitable for first-time dog owners. If you don’t have experience and would like to choose one of them, make sure you will have help from a trainer for a start; otherwise, you will have a hard time with your dog.

🟡 Health issues – all dog has breed-specific medical problems; some of them cost a lot to treat. Check them before, we hope you will be lucky, and your dog won’t have any of those problems, but you need to be ready because it can happen with any dog. – it depends on lifestyle as well, but sometimes you can do everything correctly; however, your dog will have a problem.

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