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£ 425 - (5 days)


£ 850 - (10 days)

Each session is approx. 1 hour long.

See videos below

Would you like to give your dog a good knowledge base but don't have time to attend each session?

Would you like your dog to be exercised and trained simultaneously?


To ensure successful training, it is indeed recommended for clients to practice with their dogs for approximately 30 minutes every day. However, I understand that it can be challenging to find the time amidst work and family commitments. 

These packages are indeed ideal for individuals with busy lifestyles who may not be able to attend every training session but still want to provide their dog with a solid knowledge base. 

I will take your dog for the 1-hour training session and then return it to you afterwards. Additionally, my packages include a 1-hour handover session on the last day. During this session, I will demonstrate the training results and provide you with all the necessary knowledge and information for the future. This ensures a smooth transition and equips you with the skills to continue reinforcing the training with your dog moving forward.

These trainings can be more effective for the dogs because I can focus only on the dog during the trainings.​​

1-week programme:

  • 5 days training (variable days) 

  • teach basic commands


  • leash walking

  • teach advanced commands and off-leash obedience (basic obedience is required)

  • handover session on the 5th day

2 weeks programme:

  • 10 days training (variable days)

  • teach all of the basic and advanced commands and leash, off-leash obedience

  • handover session on the 10th day

It is important to note that while the dog may not be fully trained in 5 or 10 days, these training sessions provide a strong foundation for desired behavior. The handover session equips owners with the necessary instructions and guidance to incorporate the learned behaviors into their daily lifestyle for ongoing maintenance. By consistently applying the techniques and principles learned, owners can help their dogs to continue progressing towards the desired behavior level over time.

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully if you wish to do the training with me.

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