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£ 425 - (5 days)


£ 850 - (10 days)

Each session is 1 hour long.

See videos below

Would you like an obedient dog but don't have time? Would you like your dog to be exercised and trained simultaneously?


For successful training, I recommend that the clients practice with their dogs for around 30 minutes daily. It can be difficult sometimes besides work and family time.

These packages are ideal for someone who doesn't have time to teach a dog daily to fix the base of the wanted behaviour.

The trainer will take your dog for the 1-hour training session and bring it back to you after.

The packages also include a 1-hour handover session, where we show the training result and give all of the knowledge you should know for the future (that is on the last day).

These trainings can be more effective for the dogs because the trainer can focus only on the dog during the trainings.​​

1-week programme:

  • Monday-Friday (5 sessions)

  • teach basic commands


  • leash walking

  • teach advanced commands and off-leash obedience (basic obedience is required)

  • handover session on the 5th day

2 weeks programme:

  •  Monday-Friday for 2 weeks (10 sessions)

  • teach all of the basic and advanced commands and leash, off-leash obedience

  • handover session on the 10th day

Please note that not every dog can be fully trained in 5 or 10 days, depending on their responsiveness to the training. You must put the instructions into your lifestyle that you learned during the handover session to keep your dog on the desired behaviour level.

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully if you wish to do the training with us.

The active training idea (first the 2 weeks active training) was established by Viktoria in 2020.

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