£350 - 5 days


£700 - 10 days

Each session is 1 hour long.

These trainings are not suitable for dogs with any issues from the dog rehabilitation list, if your dog has any behavioural issues choose the 7 days dog rehabilitation package.


For successful training, I recommend that the clients practice with their dog for around 30 minutes per day. It can be difficult sometimes besides work and family time.

The trainer will take your dog for the 1-hour training session and bring it back to you after.

The packages are including a 1-hour handover session as well (that is on the last day).

2 weeks programme:

  •  Monday-Friday for 2 weeks (10 sessions)

  • teach all of the basic and advanced commands and leash, off-leash obedience

  • handover session on the 10th day

1-week programme:

  • Monday-Friday (5 sessions)

  • teach basic commands and leash walking

  • teach advanced commands and off-leash obedience

  • handover session on the 5th day

These trainings can be more effective for the dogs because the trainer can focus only on the dog during the trainings.

These packages are ideal for someone who doesn't have time to teach a dog every day to fix the base of the wanted behaviour.

(you can see some videos about these types of training here: https://www.victoriadogtraining.com/videos)

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