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£ 100 per session

Each training session has a duration of 1 hour.

(3 sessions are recommended for a start)

Does your dog bark when someone comes to your door? Does your dog cry, whine or pass urine/faeces when you leave him alone? Does your dog refuse to go for walks and is anxious outside? Does your dog lunge, bark or try to attack people or other dogs?

My dog rehabilitation training packages are tailored to suit dogs of all ages, ranging from puppies to adult dogs.

I use positive reinforcement, desensitization & counterconditioning techniques.

Through the techniques of desensitization and counter-conditioning, I aim to help your dog unlearn ingrained behaviors and reduce their reactivity to specific stimuli. Desensitization involves gradually exposing your dog to the triggering stimulus in a controlled and gradual manner, while counter-conditioning involves pairing the stimulus with positive experiences to change their emotional response.

By implementing these methods, I can work towards helping your dog become less responsive and more relaxed in situations that previously caused distress or unwanted behaviors.

This package is specifically designed to address and rehabilitate dogs with

Aggressive behaviour towards people or dogs

❗ Anxiety/Fear

❗ Separation anxiety (2 sessions recommended for a start)

❗ PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

❗ Resource guarding (2 sessions recommended for a start)

❗ Reactive behaviour

❗ Barking / Whining (2 sessions recommended for a start)

I want to emphasize that my initial assessment, essential questions, and verbal advice during the first session require a minimum of 30 minutes. This timeframe allows me to fully understand your dog's behaviour, discuss the challenges you are facing, and provide you with valuable guidance and recommendations. 

It is crucial to emphasize that this part of the process is essential and not focused on quick fixes. Every dog is unique, and while not all dogs require physical training, different techniques and lifestyle changes can greatly benefit them.

It is important to acknowledge that not every behavioural issue can be completely resolved in the recommended number of sessions. However, the recommended sessions provide a solid foundation for your dog to learn how to manage their negative emotions and for you to continue using the techniques and strategies learned. If necessary, I encourage you to book additional sessions with me.

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully if you wish to do the training with me.

I am able to accept veterinary referrals for behavior issues. If you have pet insurance, there is a possibility that your insurer may cover the costs of necessary behavior consultation and training. I advise you to contact your specific insurer to confirm their coverage policies. I claimed already with PetPlan, Many Pets & Napo. It is important to note that in all cases, your vet must provide the referral.

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