1:2:1 private

 £80 per session

A session is 1 hour long.

(3 sessions recommended for a start)

Our dog rehabilitation training packages are designed for all ages from puppies to adult dogs. 

This package is for dogs

❗ Aggressive towards people or dogs

❗ Anxiety behaviour

❗ Separation anxiety (2 sessions recommended for a start)

❗ PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

❗ Resource guarding

❗ Reactive behaviour

❗ Barking / Whining (2 sessions recommended for a start)

By the end of the program, your dog will be calmer, happier.

You would have learned from our trainers how to communicate more effectively with your dog and how to avoid unwanted behaviour.

please note, that the initial assessment, essential questions and verbal advice during the first session take at least 30 minutes.

This consultation is about making the correct diagnosis and understanding your pet, their family and their environment in order to make a treatment plan which will work for them as an individual. This part of the process is vital and is not about giving you quick fixes.

Not all dogs require actual physical training but different techniques and lifestyle changes could help them!

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