1:2:1 private

£60 per session

A session is 1 hour long.

(6 - 7 sessions recommended)

This package is including basic and advanced commands.

Less session numbers than the recommended ones are for dogs who know basic commands already.

  This training includes:

Basic obedience commands:

Focus and attention, Sit & Down command,  Place, Stay & Wait, Leave & Drop it commands

Basic leash obedience commands and walking training:

Heel & Stop pulling on the leash

Wait for permission before greeting people/dogs


Advanced obedience commands:

Extended sit & down, Stop & Wait

Advanced leash obedience commands and walking training:

Off-leash recall, Off-leash heel

Front (Dog will come to run from the distance and sit in front of you or next to you)

Impulse Control

Street walking - be comfortable with noises

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