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£ 80 per session

Each training session has a duration of approx. 1 hour.

(2-3 sessions recommended)


My advanced training program focuses on teaching dogs advanced obedience commands and reinforcing leash obedience. This program is specifically recommended for dogs who have completed my Basic Obedience training, as it builds upon the foundational skills learned in that program.

Certainly, I offer Leash/Off-leash training specifically designed for dogs who have not received training with me but have acquired obedience skills either from another trainer or their owner. 

Advanced obedience commands:

Extended sit & down, Extended stay, Stop & Wait

Wait for permission before greeting people/dogs

Advanced leash obedience commands and walking training:

Off-leash recall, Off-leash heel

Front (Dog will come to run from the distance and sit in front of you or next to you)

Impulse Control

Street walking - be comfortable with noises

These are private training sessions, you will be accompanied by me in each session. If you prefer to book training exclusively for your dog and me, with a handover session at the end, you can book

 1 or 2 weeks active training.


Please note that in my training program, consultation and verbal advice are included. I believe in explaining the importance of commands to provide deeper knowledge to the owners, rather than just demonstrating them. This approach ensures that owners understand the rationale behind the commands and can better reinforce them with their dogs.

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully if you wish to do the training with me.

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