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Vaccinations are an essential part of having a dog.

Puppies have their first vaccinations generally between 6-8 weeks (primary course) and then 2-4 weeks later (secondary course). Puppies are usually safe from most infections for the first few weeks of their lives because their immunity passes through their mother's milk. Practices recommend doing a third course around 16 weeks and the following vaccinations at 12 months. (some vets recommend to do at 6 months, too.) Later your dog will have yearly vaccinations.

Once your puppy got the second vaccination, you need to wait minimum a week before you are taking out your puppy. Make sure you are taking this recommendation seriously because puppies can get serious illnesses from the outworld, which can be fatal.

Your puppy can go out to your garden and meet with fully vaccinated dogs there.

"It is concerning that some dog trainers may be providing clients with inaccurate information regarding vaccinations and the appropriate timing for a puppy's first walk. It is essential to seek guidance from a trusted veterinarian or veterinary professional who has the necessary expertise and qualifications in veterinary care. They will be able to provide accurate and reliable advice specific to the individual needs of the puppy."

Which illnesses are the vaccinations covered?

Puppies have DHPPI+L2/L4 vaccinations.

The difference between L2 and L4 is: L2 contains only 2 strains of leptospire and L4 against all 4.


Other vaccinations for dogs:

Kennel Cough - recommended for any dogs that are regularly mixed or regularly come into contact with other dogs (e.g. kenneling, boarding, dog training, dog daycare etc.). Dogs at risk of this whooping cough-like syndrome benefit from vaccination against this very common and widespread threat.

Dogs are having once a year. You should wait 3-5 days after the vaccination to be fully protected. Puppies can get it from 8 weeks, too.

Rabies - The UK is fortunately free of terrestrial rabies; however, specific rules apply for pet travel overseas and vary depending on the country. Check before your journey, your destination country required a rabies vaccine or not.

Puppies need to be 12 weeks old to get it; the next dose is at 12 months after dogs are having every 3 years to be fully protected.


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