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Mental stimulations for dogs

Everyone knows dogs need physical exercise, it doesn't matter the size or the breed, but only a few owners know dogs need mental exercise (mental stimulation).

What is mental stimulation?

It is activities that help enrich your dog's mind. A mentally stimulated dog feels tired & happy. Mental stimulation could decrease behavioural issues (destructing behaviour, barking..etc.) & hyperactivity.

What happens if the dog doesn't have mental stimulation?

It can increase behavioural issues in the dog. If your dog is not mentally tired and has no chance, it will find alternatives (chewing carpet, stealing items, destroying the house, barking..etc. - some behavioural issues could be a sign of separation anxiety or other issues; ask a professional if you are unsure).


  • Put some toys in different places, and your dog needs to find them; if the dog does give a treat/ another alternative,

  • You can hide somewhere (hide and seek game) and call your dog; if the dog finds you, give him a treat.

  • Cut some holes in a plastic bottle, put some treats in and give it to your dog.

  • Licking mat - you can use peanut butter/liver paste...etc. on the licking mat. Check the blog about Safe and dangerous foods.

  • Good quality chew toys - chewing releases endorphins and helps to relax the dog - for example, coffee wood stick

  • Teach tricks for your dog: paw, play dead, roll...etc.

  • Treasure hunt - use an empty box filled with shredded or crumpled paper, put some treats inside and let your dog find it.

  • KONG toy - filled up the toy with some sticky and some yummy foods and give it to your dog; if you put it into the freezer, it takes longer to finish it

  • Put 3 paper/plastic cups on the floor, hide a treat under one, mix it, and your dog needs to choose and find which one is hiding the treat.


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