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Puppy blues - did you failed?

Many people get a new family member; how exciting that isn't it?

It is, and then people realise how much responsibility is to be a dog owner.

The dog might pee everywhere, not listen, bites the owner, cries if it is alone, bark or destroy the home... etc.

This is a hard time for the owners, which causes anxiety and bad feelings (such as crying, anger, depression or feeling trapped…etc.) about dog ownership.

This is what we call "puppy blues". Puppy blues is not only for the puppy's owner; it could also happen to older dogs' owners.

It could form a few days - a few weeks. This is the most critical period as many dogs are taken back to the breeder, shelter or looking for a new owner.

What could cause these feelings?

· Lack of sleep

· Lack of freedom

· Lack of information

· Increased responsibility

· Daily routine changes

· Unexpected situation and/or behaviour

What can we do to reduce this feeling and the number of puppies returned to the breeder or shelter?

· Remember, if you have a puppy, it will grow out of lots of behaviour quickly, be patient with your dog

· start to teach obedience commands and manners to your dog - that makes life easier and more enjoyable together, and the successful moments give a great bond with your dog (ask a professional if you need help with it)

· start toilet training from the first day and be consistent with it, but don’t feel bad and be ready for accidents – book our Toilet training consultation if you wish to do everything in the right way from the first day or if you need help with ongoing issues

· speak with other owners (be careful with the advice, if it is any advice about your dog's health care, ask a vet or veterinary expert instead; if it is any advice about your dog's training and you feel confused or have concerns, ask a professional instead – book our Veterinary Expert consultation if you have any healthcare questions)

· be ready for your dog’s arrival – you can book our Future Pawrents consultation to speak with us and have all knowledge about dog ownership

· prevention

I met with many people during my training years who wanted to get rid of the dog, this is not good for the dog and also not easy decision for the owners as well.

Do the prevention and be ready before you have a dog; check the "Before you have a dog" blog for essential information.


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