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Recall and Off-Leash manners

Do you know how dangerous it could be if your dog is off-leashed without recall and obedience?

People could be injured if your dog jumps on them. Some dogs are not friendly and might attack your dog if they are scared or feel unsafe.

Please use a long training leash (not retractable) for safety and have a chance to exercise your dog if he doesn’t have a good recall. It could be fatal for your dog if it has an accident.

Unfortunately, many people say the long training leash is animal cruelty, and you should "Trust your dog". Well, I saw many life-saver operations for those "Trust your dog" owners' dogs during my vet practice work.

Dogs with no recall NEVER should be off-leashed in the unclosed area. Never let your dog off-leashed or even use long training leash near road or unsafe area. A well-trained dog also could be scared of any sudden noise for example and run out of the road.

If you need help with your dog's off-leash obedience training, choose our LEASH TRAINING.


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